-Characteristics and Current Status of J-Beauty Derived from Culture and Customs-

Beautiful skin will not be built in a day.
It is believed in Japan that healthy skin leads and cultivates beautiful skin.

Beautiful skin will be nurtured by maintaining healthy skin.
There is an expression which describes Japanese beautiful skin “rice cake skin”,
which refers to the skin that is soft, flawless, and clear like rice cake.
This is a unique expression of describing a clear skin in Japanese.

As a precondition for beauty, the feature of J-beauty, is about the skin care that builds the foundation for healthy skin.

Since childhood, Japanese people have been carefully taking care of their skin every day
to keep it clean and to prevent skin problems from causing it.

Keeping the skin healthy by daily skin care routine is such a natural action for Japanese.
I can see that the Japanese way of thinking,
which has put great importance on “beauty and health”,
is greatly related to skin care.

There’s also a point of view that people think as “sympathizing and working softly on the skin”,
and it is well established among people.
Foam washing is a Japanese unique washing method,
and this is not common in other countries.

In other countries,
this foam washing method is not mainstream,
it is mainly to wipe your makeup off with cleansing sheets or wash your skin without foam,
only with liquid cleanser.
Japanese people regard wiping off makeup or washing without foam as “skin friction”
and they wash their skin gently and softly with foam on a regular basis to maintain fine skin.

The Japanese spirit of cherishing and taking good care of things we possess is deeply rooted in Japanese culture,
and it is also utilized in skincare, which treats the skin carefully.
We can say that J-beauty is a beauty method that symbolizes Japanese beauty which was derived from culture’s concepts and customs.

The J-beauty’s conceptions have been inherited for a long time,
and it is also related to the unique makeup culture based on the aesthetic sense traditionally cultivated by “kabuki” and “geigi”,
which has been known from “geisha” recently.

Naturally originated ingredients such as camellia oil and rice etc.,
which has been used for skin care have been loved and cherished for a long time by “geisha”.
It can be said that Japanese skincare,
which utilizes things that are natural and familiar to our daily life has long been appreciated in Japanese culture.

The current J-beauty is known for making high-quality products using the latest technology.
Valuing traditional methods,
J-beauty has a reputation for product development combining the leading-edge technology and also high manufacturing technique,
that is why the keyword “J-beauty” has been recognized all over the world.

We believe that J-beauty is not a way to enjoy dramatic changes in a day like others,
but to maintain the best condition of the skin and enjoy taking plenty of time to face and know about your skin carefully.