Following from the last blog, here is the continuous part of our basic skin care to do’s.
In the middle of the skin cares step but we should never forget……… the role of moisturizers!

Have you ever experienced your skin feeling very dry, and applied moisturizer but it was so thick and heavy that makes your skin unable to breathe.
Previous part we have introduced the bubbly facial wash, this step we are going to bring the…
(ba-dum-tss *drum sound*)


Our No.1 best seller which will helps the skin be moisturized flawlessly without letting you feel sticky and muggy. Besides, it will helps escape us from the skin problems such as dry skin, acnes, freckles, and so on by making the skin regeneration process faster. Why? Wanna know how this simple essence helps us in lots of ways? It’s because of the ingredient called ‘EGF’.
Many of our fans question, what is EGF?

EGF is an epidermal growth factor that regenerates epithelial cells.
This is a kind of proteins that humans originally have, and it promotes the production of new cells.

Above explanation sounds very scientific, but in short, this kind of protein which humans originally have, products the promotion of new skin cells in our body. Imagine, it will help our adulting skin back to our original youthful looks and feeling. Who do not want this amazing sensation!?

Now, let’s proceed with the steps to apply the essence to the skin.. Go go!
Steps to apply the essence:

Step 1: After facial wash, pour 2-3 drops of the essence into your palm.
Step 2: Apply in your face, pat them gently.
Step 3: Continue step 1 & 2 until your skin feels sticking into your hands. (It means you have enough moisture already!)

After few minutes, you can feel your skin smooth and silky lighter feeling.
This moisturizer is a must for those who don’t want thick moisturizers but want’s to add and keep the beauty and moisture of the skin.

So now we’re done with the 2nd step of our basic skin care to-do’s.
For last but not the least, let us check out the next blog!