Hellooo world!
It has been quite long since our last post.
We just came back from our holiday break this week. (Thanks to our loving and caring company!) 😉
Luckily we’re all refreshed and ready to rumble for loads of agendas this year!

Anyway, we would like to greet you a happy happy new year first!
Did you all had wonderful vacations?

We are currently in a don’t ever-give-me-sweets mode right now, for we have been eating a loot while we were on the break. Here in Fukuoka, there’s lots of gourmet such as motsunabe (delicious intestine hot pot), Fresh cod roes, Sashimi, Hakata Ramen and foods, too many to mention and to be drooling for. Eating, makes us happy but also at the same time it will makes us worry. Especially for the ladies like us! We have to think about reducing back our weights, exercise and how to do the proper diet. We have so many things to do, but we want to (have to) do at least a simple thing that we can do.

Here in this blog we want to share what are the usual routines do women in Japan do for a diet, to keep our selves beautiful inside and out. Please keep on reading for some are unique and fun things to do.
This post is only our own view of perspective from what we heard and saw, but still keep in note that everyone’s way to be healthy is different.

So here we go, these are some of our basic routines:

  1. Karaoke diet

    Some of us do this diet to release out the stress and at the same time to burn out calories!
    It’s more effective when matching the song with a dance, and widening the mouth while singing for smaller face exercise.
  2. Going to gym or yoga diet

    This is one of the common ways. We go to exercise before or after work usually to feel nice and fresh.
  3. Hot bath diet

    Easiest diet here. It can just be done at home or at the public bath soaking our body in a warm bath tub and let all the internal waste flow through the sweat. It helps burning calories and also makes our skin smoother after all. (*Don’t forget to drink water or else you will be dehydrated*)
  4. Good posture diet

    Being aware of the correct posture is also effective for dieting. Poor posture makes your breathing shallower, and your body cannot take in much oxygen that is needed to burn fats.
    Beautiful ladies, has a great posture!
  5. “Aojiru” diet
    It is a diet by only drinking a healthy green juice in anytime of your day.
    This diet will help you for faster digestion, lessen the fat intake while eating. Not only that, but it also has detoxifying effect to bring out the toxics that is inside our body.

Speaking of “Aojiru”, below is one of our healthy food products we recommend for everyone who wants to keep their inner and outer beauty.

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Drink this as a part of your daily routine of detoxification!

These are some of the examples of what we often do!
Funny isn’t it??
There’s lots of ways to try, but the best thing to do is to choose a diet which will not make you bored and which is easy to continue doing. Make it as your routine!