Hello everyone!
It’s getting warmer here in Fukuoka as Spring comes nearer.
As time goes by, we Paso A Paso are also trying our best to improve service to our precious customers. Recently, we have created our original, product video! It will be showed in the Cosmoprof beauty exhibition in Bologna Italy, which will be held on June 11, 2020- June 14, 2020!

As you can see in the picture above, the image of the video is very pure and white.
Speaking of color white, do you have something in your mind about the event we have on March? Yes, it is called ‘White day’.

What is it? Here in Japan we have the event called white day which Gentlemen give return of gift to the lady who gave them chocolates on the Valentine’s day on February.
Since White Day is a unique event born in Japan, foreigners may not be well known.
The origin of White Day naming is related to the sugar and marshmallows that are the ingredients of the candy are white. By the way, “white” is a symbol of purity, meaning “pure love”. Instead of chocolates, it is usually common to give candies or marshmallow.

Me personally, I like this season full of expression of love that it will only happen just twice a year. Hope to get some candies too! 😉

How was your White Day? Do you know that White Day is a feature event of Japan?
What do you think about this habit?

Share us your thoughts!